At Embrace Orthodontics, our goal is to provide each patient with a uniquely positive experience. You will be greeted by our friendly staff who will direct you to your free consultation with our doctor. The doctor will complete a full comprehensive exam during which all aspects of the diagnosis and the different possible treatments will be discussed. Primary focus will be given to your chief dental concerns, and the doctor will take the time to discuss and address any questions you might have. Our goal is for you to have a clear understanding of the customized treatment proposed so that you may make the best informed decision for your needs.


Your free consultation will last approximately 1 hour. After scheduling your appointment, you will receive an email and/or text message which will direct you to register in the patient portal where you will find the necessary forms to fill out prior to your appointment.


At Embrace Orthodontics we believe that finances should not be an obstacle when seeking treatment. This is why we accept all dental insurances and are proud to offer 0% interest financing options for new patients. Please ask us how we can help you find the right solution for you to get the treatment you deserve.

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